Tyler Frye

Tyler Frye

Not surprised by this at all!

Our friends over at Movoto Blog have come up with 'America's Best Cities for 2013'

Raleigh ranking it at #6.

How they conducted this list, 

As for the rankings we used to create this meta-ranking, they were:

1. Worst Dressed Cities (using the “losers” from this ranking)
2. Nerdiest Cities
3. Most Exciting Cities
4. Most Family Friendly Cities
5. Most Unhealthy Cities (using the “losers” again)
6. Smartest Cities
7. Most Saintly Cities
8. Hardest Working Cities
9. Most Steampunk Cities (remember the “go awesome” part?)
10. Funniest Cities
11. Worst Cities for Food Lovers (yep, the “losers” of this one, too)
12. Preppiest Cities
13. Best Cities for Meat Lovers
14. Best Cities for Movie Lovers
15. Best Cities for Home Buyers 

Check out the Top 10 below

1. Portland, OR
2. Atlanta, GA
3. Seattle, WA
4. San Francisco, CA
5. Washington, DC
6. Raleigh, NC
7. San Diego, CA
7. Denver, CO
9. Miami, FL
10. Las Vegas, NV 

Check out more by clicking HERE!!


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